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Monday, January 29, 2007

Members and Friends

You will notice on the left hand side of this blog there are some links to blogs of fellow members and friends of Wayside Gospel Chapel. Should you be either a "friend" or a "member" of Wayside Gospel Chapel and you have a blog and you would like it added as a link so as to provide easy access for each and all then post a comment to this post with your URL. Please note, these will be screened; you must be a friend or member of Wayside Gospel Chapel for your blog to be linked. In other words either I or Jack must personally know you!

1 comment:

Joseph G. Krygier said...

Dear worthiness master Jack,
We have only recently begun our posts.
Please advise us on our worthiness scale.
We are also building our links and I want to include as many SOG freinds as possible.
Be seeing you,