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Friday, February 15, 2013

Acts Study Guide

Read the entire book through at one sitting in at least one translation, and preferably more, prior to beginning an in-depth study of the book. Once this initial reading is done then begin studying the book including answering the following questions while continuing to reread it.

1.  What is the title usually associated with this book?

2.  Can that title be improved on?

3.  Who is the author of Acts?

4.  What significance does the author have for the content of Acts?

5.  Are there factors either in what Acts does or does not contain that may assist us in narrowing down when it was written?

6.  What is unique about the book of Acts?

7.  What kind of literature is Acts?

8.  What intended purposes may the author have had in mind in writing Acts?

9.  What is usually understood to be the key verse for Acts?

10.  Where are significant turning points found in Acts?

11.  What does the beginning and the ending of Acts have in common?

12.  What tools might be useful for studying Acts?

13.  Who are the most significant people in Acts?

14.  What are the most significant places in Acts?

15.  What are the most significant events in Acts?

16.  Are there any patterns in the way the material is presented by the author in Acts?

17.  What major issues either arise in the content of Acts or might be produced by it?

18.  How would you outline Acts?

19.  What Old Testament book could be thought of as having a lot in common with Acts?

20.  How should Acts be applied to your life today?

Sola Scriptura, Solo Christo, Solus Spiritus, Soli Deo Gloria,

John T. "Jack" Jeffery
Pastor, Wayside Gospel Chapel
Greentown, PA

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