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Friday, October 25, 2013

Links of interest on the Strange Fire Conference

Timothy Raymond, “Three Reflections on the Strange Fire Conference” (23 OCT 2013) on Credo Magazine at [accessed 24 OCT 2013].

James White, “Today on the Dividing Line: Continuationism, Cessationism” (October 24, 2013), on Alpha & Omega Ministries at [accessed 25 OCT 2013].

Denny Burk, “Strange Fire” messages are now available for download” (October 24, 2013), on Denny Burk at [accessed 25 OCT 2013].

Louis McBride, “Michael Brown Interviews Phil Johnson, Sam Storms and Adrian Warnock Regarding John Macarthur’s Strange Fire Conference” (25 OCT 2013), on Baker Book House Church Connection at [accessed 25 OCT 2013].

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