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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Select quotes from the 2013 Ocean City Bible Conference

Select quotes from the 2013 Ocean City Bible Conference:

"Noah couldn't hide the ark under a tarp in the garage!"

"The greatest steps of faith bring the greatest blessing!"
- Randy Smith (Grace Tabernacle, Allenwood, NJ), "Faith: Walking in the Supremacy of Jesus Christ - Part 1" (Gen. 12:1-9), at the 2013 Ocean City Bible Conference, SUN AM 8 SEP 2013.

"The wrath of God is not antithetical to the love of God."

"God the Father did not send the Son to die as our Substitute reluctantly."
"God the Father has no reservations about you whatsoever."
"The most grievious sins are those against love not law."
"When do you feel more guilty: when you sin against someone you love, or someone you hate?"
- R. W. Glenn (Redeemer Bible Church, Minnetonka, MN), "Propitiation" (1 Jn. 4:10), at the 2013 Ocean City Bible Conference, MON AM 9 SEP 2013.

"The Gospel is not a plan, it is a Person. The Gospel is about a Person."

"Jesus is not to be 1st place in your life! That is woefully bad theology! The preposition is "in" not over or above."
"The focus in eternity is God incarnate."
"What do we do with the problem of God? What do you do with a God who is too far to get to and to close to outrun?"
"How do we solve the  near\far God? Jesus! He is the solution to the near\far God!"
- Rick Holland (Mission Road Bible Church, Prairie Village, KS), "Focus: Applying the Mediatorial Ministry of Jesus" (Job 9), at the  2013 Ocean City Bible ConferenceMON AM 9 SEP 2013.

"The single greatest threat to the doctrine of imputation is you! Those who give lip service to the doctrine of imputation, and live as if they must earn righteousness."

"We need to repent of our discouragement at our sins!" (Thomas Brooks)
"Repent of sin? Yes! Also, repent of righteousness!"
"God's grace is greater than your inner Pharisee!"
- R. W. Glenn (Redeemer Bible Church, Minnetonka, MN), "Imputation" (2 Cor. 5:21), at the 2013 Ocean City Bible ConferenceMON PM 9 SEP 2013.

"Church is the closest thing to Heaven on earth!"

"If you don't like the Church you probably won't like heaven, and probably won't be going there anyway!"
Randy Smith (Grace Tabernacle, Allenwood, NJ), "Breakout Seminar - Church: Loving it as Much as Jesus Does!", at the 2013 Ocean City Bible ConferenceTUES AM 10 SEP 2013.

"What our death cries out is sin. What our grave cries out is that we are sinners."

- Al Mohler (Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville, KY), "Church: The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail" (Matthew 16:13-19), at the 2013 Ocean City Bible ConferenceTUES PM 10 SEP 2013.

"If there is no judgment and there is no condemnation then there is no need for the Gospel."

"Judgment and condemnation were on the Cross."
"If sin was not the problem, there would be no need for the solution of the Gospel!"
"Salvation is God saving us from Himself!"
"Salvation is from God, by God, and for God."
"Do you really think you'll never cash in on 1 Jn. 1:9?"
Rick Holland (Mission Road Bible Church, Prairie Village, KS), "Perspective: What's so Great About the Gospel?" (Romans 5:6-11), at the 2013 Ocean City Bible ConferenceTUES AM 10 SEP 2013.

"The source of all the pathologies in your Christianity experience is that we don't rest in the love of the Father for us."

"Relating to God as your Father is central and essential to your Christian life."
"Since you didn't earn your way into it you can't sin your way out of it!"
"You can't be more loved than you are right now!"
"The reality of the love of God for us is the last thing in the world to dawn on us." - Sinclair Ferguson
"My real father is my heavenly Father! The Father wants you to know that every single day!"
"If it sounds too good to be true you are starting to understand the Gospel!"
"He was orphaned so you could be adopted. He was rejected so you could be accepted."
- R. W. Glenn (Redeemer Bible Church, Minnetonka, MN), "Sonship" (Galatians 4:4-5), at the 2013 Ocean City Bible ConferenceWED AM 11 SEP 2013.

The audio files for these messages are available online on the Ocean City Bible Conference website at [accessed 27 SEP 2013].  CDs with the audio messages may be purchased by contacting the Conference from the link on this page.

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