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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Strange Fire, Day One

1.  Are you discerning, and have you exercised discernment, especially when it comes to the worship of God?

"The biggest problem in the church today is absence of discernment. . . Exercising discerment is the heart of Christian living because Christian living flows out of Christian thinking." - John MacArthur

"The most serious crimes against God occur in corrupt worship." - John MacArthur

"The charismatic movement offers nothing to true worship because it has made no contribution to biblical clarity, interpretation, or sound doctrine." - John MacArthur

"Sound doctrine is not a haven for false teachers; it's not where greedy deceivers end up." - John MacArthur

"The charismatic movement is successful because it promises what the unregenerate world already wants." - John MacArthur

2.  What does the third of the ten commandments mean?  “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

"Taking the Lord's name in vain is more than just swearing. It's speaking of Him in an irreverent manner, or assigning to Him things He would never do and things He would never say." - John MacArthur[1]

3.  Did the Spirit of God ever work in Jesus Christ during His humiliation to do anything even remotely similar to what goes on in the modern charismatic movement?

"If you want to see the true work of the Holy Spirit, look at what He did in and through Christ" - John MacArthur

“I will start believing that the truth prevails in the charismatic movement when I see the leaders looking more like Jesus Christ and I see that they really are partakers of the divine nature.” - John MacArthur

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See also:

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On General Session 2 see Tim Challies, Strange Fire Conference: Joni Eareckson Tada” (16 OCT 2013), at


My concern for charismatic friends is that they have too low a view of Pentecost and its place in redemptive history.” - R. C. Sproul, at Strange Fire via video feed at [accessed 16 OCT 2013].

See also:

Tim Challies, “Strange Fire Conference: R.C. Sproul” (16 OCT 2013) at [accessed 16 OCT 2013].


“Calvin's critique of these Anabaptist mystics applies to the charismatic movement today.” - Steve Lawson

“You will never have the Holy Spirit doing a work independent of the Word of God!” - Steve Lawson

“Even a dog barks if he sees someone assault his master!” - Steve Lawson quoting John Calvin

“a Calvinist charismatic is an oxymoron like freezer burns, jumbo shrimp…” - Steve Lawson

“There are not two streams of revelation, there is only one.” - Steve Lawson

“One stream of revelation mandates Biblical preaching.  Two streams diminishes Biblical preaching.” - Steve Lawson

“Two streams of revelation severs and separates the Spirit from the Word.  It drives a wedge between them.” - Steve Lawson

“…we must be exclusively committed to the written Word of God.” - Steve Lawson

"The gospel does not need to be revalidated." - Steve Lawson

Source:  Steve Lawson, General Session 3 (16 OCT 2013) at Strange Fire live streaming at [accessed 16 OCT 2013].

See also:

Tim Challies, “Strange Fire Conference: Steve Lawson” (16 OCT 2013) at [accessed 17 OCT 2013].


“If the Church obeyed John 17:17 we would not have this chaos.” - Conrad Mbewe

“This is not good news.  It is bad news, first of all because of the absence of the exposition of God’s Word.” - Conrad Mbewe

“You cannot have spiritual life when this Book is closed.” - Conrad Mbewe

Where the charismatic movement has gone in sub-Saharan Africa:

1.  The Word of God is closed.
2.  The Gospel is lost.
3.  There is the loss of real worship.

“It doesn’t matter how many times people may repeat glory, glory, glory in the midst of that confusion, it is not the glory of God!” - Conrad Mbewe

“The issue is what ought to be the governing principle.  Let’s go back to basics.  What is Christianity?” - Conrad Mbewe

Source:  Conrad Mbewe, “The African Import of Charismatic Chaos”, General Session 4 (16 OCT 2013) at Strange Fire live streaming at [accessed 16 OCT 2013].

See also:

Tim Challies, “Strange Fire Conference: Conrad Mbewe” (17 OCT 2013) at [accessed 17 OCT 2013].

[1] Question 112: What is required in the third commandment?
Answer: The third commandment requires, That the name of God, his titles, attributes, ordinances, the Word, sacraments, prayer, oaths, vows, lots, his works, and: Whatsoever else there is whereby he makes himself known, be holily and reverently used in thought, meditation, word, and writing; by an holy profession, and answerable conversation, to the glory of God, and the good of ourselves, and others.
Question 113: What are the sins forbidden in the third commandment?
Answer: The sins forbidden in the third commandment are, the not using of God's name as is required; and the abuse of it in an ignorant, vain, irreverent, profane, superstitious, or wicked mentioning, or otherwise using his titles, attributes, ordinances, or works, by blasphemy, perjury; all sinful cursings, oaths, vows, and lots; violating of our oaths and vows, if lawful; and fulfilling them, if of things unlawful; murmuring and quarreling at, curious prying into, and misapplying of God's decrees and providences; misinterpreting, misapplying, or any way perverting the Word, or any part of it, to profane jests, curious or unprofitable questions, vain janglings, or the maintaining of false doctrines; abusing it, the creatures, or anything contained under the name of God, to charms, or sinful lusts and practices; the maligning, scorning, reviling, or anywise opposing of God's truth, grace, and ways; making profession of religion in hypocrisy, or for sinister ends; being ashamed of it, or a shame to it, by unconformable, unwise, unfruitful, and offensive walking, or backsliding from it.
Source: Westminster Larger Catechism, on Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) at [accessed 17 OCT 2013].

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